For anyone with an adventurous side and a desire to experience and learn about a fascinating culture, do not miss the opportunity to go to Peru with Mundo Verde Spanish school. The people of Peru are very... 


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Cusco Peru

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Peter Skellorn
Phone: (+44)(0)7752875290
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To Mundo Verde

Mundo Verde is a charitable Peruvian organization; we perform conservation work in the Amazon rain forest. We are currently running two projects: The Brazil Nut Forest Conservation Project and the Amazon fish Project. We started our work in 2003 and we have been working continuously ever since. We also provide programs for students such as our Spanish School and our Medical Elective Programme (MEP); both help us to keep working towards our goals in our conservation projects. As the funds we raise through our student programs are put directly into our conservation projects. So it is important to remember that when you take one of our courses not only will you be increasing your own knowledge and awareness but you will also be helping to sustain the Peruvian rainforest.

We are certain that you will find no other company running elective placements cheaper and yet delivering high quality service than us, as we are locals and cut the “UK or European high salary standard” from our programmes, therefore we deliver much more than other overseas based companies (UK, United States, Australia, etc.)

Finally, by being a local company, we have partnership with many hospitals, clinics, NGO’s charity organisations and more so we have the real capacity of finding placements for all of our students.

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